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Relocating the Locomotive

Relocating the Locomotive photography by Fran McCormack Relocating the Locomotive Lifting a train engine onto a truck is a complex and challenging task that requires specialized equipment, expertise, and planning. When Rhomberg Sersa asked Paul McLoughlin of M & C Joinery to create wooden carcasses for the locomotive rest on, he knew exactly what was […]

Stranger Things to Things of Beauty

From Stranger Things to Things of Beauty… Another triumph for M & C Joinery – the master joiners. From Stranger Things to Things of Beauty I didn’t know what to think when I first saw it – I thought it may have been something for a children’s playground or a prop for a sci-fi show […]

CNC at M and C

The Future is Now at Old meets new – bespoke wood designs now created with precision and speed using our new CNC machines. As mentioned in our previous posts, M and C Joinery has brought the future to modern joinery and bespoke timber craft in Ireland. We are now at full flow in the use […]

Dedicated Wet Room Installation in Kildare county Council Offices

Dedicated Wet Room for Kildare County Council by M & C Joinery One of our most recent projects was to design and install a dedicated wet room for people with mobility issues in the Kildare County Council Offices in Naas. Renovating an existing bathroom – we remodelled and installed state-of-the-art utilities for people with mobility […]

M & C joinery – Where Great Ideas Take Shape!

    The Shape of Things to Come at M & C joinery – where great ideas take shape Such was the demand for our ideas and output in 2021, we decided to upgrade and expand our work base for 2022. Prior to Christmas 2021 we invested in some new machinery that would offer us […]

Upwards and Onwards to 2022

Upwards and Onwards – Very exciting news…. A taste of things to come from M & C Joinery M & C Joinery are taking a leap forward due to the demand of our designs and concepts for living and work spaces. By anyone’s standards, 2021 has been a testing year for homes and businesses and […]

Not Only but Also

Not Only but Also! New “LANDERS” lighting from         Not only but also Lighting ideas by M & C Joinery Not only are M & C Joinery a bespoke joinery but we’re pretty hot on new designs and concepts for living and work spaces. We’ve never been known to hide behind the […]

Happy New Year 2021!

            Looking Forward to 2021 Happy New Year 2021! Regarding Government Announcement on 6th January We know many people may be feeling somewhat disheartened with the latest surge in Covid-19 cases and the government restrictions announced 6th January. We know that the vast majority of us have been adhering to […]

A Christmas Wish

M & C Joinery – Season’s Greetings           Looking back on 2020… and looking forward to 2021 William Fry             Tis the Season to be Jolly What a year it has been – we have come through so much and lost so many. We have seen […]

Good News Round The Corner

We are delighted to hear of the recent development of a new vaccine created by Pfizer and BioNTech to fight against the Coronavirus as well as the great efforts made by all to get us through this trying time. Great news indeed. It is with equal delight that we can see a serious drop in […]