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photography by Fran McCormack

Relocating the Locomotive

Lifting a train engine onto a truck is a complex and challenging task that requires specialized equipment, expertise, and planning.

When Rhomberg Sersa asked Paul McLoughlin of M & C Joinery to create wooden carcasses for the locomotive rest on, he knew exactly what was needed.

Air dried Larch was precision molded on our new CNC machines to make wooden carcasses as cribbing (temporary wooden structure used to support heavy objects during relocation).

Prior to this, we had to assess the weight and dimensions of the train engine: Determine the weight, length, height, and width of the train engine. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate wood for the carcasses.

Lifting a locomotive onto a truck is a complex and difficult task that requires specialized equipment and expertise

It is vital to involve experienced professionals like M & C Joinery in this process – we have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure safety, prevent damage to the train engine and truck, and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

After the lift is complete, a thorough inspection of the engine, lifting equipment, and truck should be conducted to ensure everything is secure and ready for transportation.

One again M & C Joinery provide the expertise and skill for any job that requires superior timber products and solutions.

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Photography by Fran McCormack