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Sash Windows


Sash Windows - A Tradition of Elegance from M and C Joinery

Sash Windows stand the test of time

When it comes to refinement of any premises, home or business, nothing speaks of elegance louder than traditional sash windows.

In old stately developments and modern buildings, sash windows have stood the test of time – and that time has been well tested by one of the first build and installs by M and C Joinery over 37 years ago.

As a fledgling company back in 1986, M and C joinery undertook one of their first commissions which was for Kildangan Stud in County Kildare, with the creation and complete fit of sash windows throughout.

What are Sash Windows

The traditional sash window is a vertical sliding window consisting of two frames that use counterbalance lead weights and pulleys in a gravity/balance lift and slide combination and are most often seen and enjoyed in high end design and architecture.

The sliding sash is an elegant frame. It is thermally efficient also as it can be double and triple glazed, retaining a higher percentage of heat indoors.

M and C Joinery are masters in the field of sash windows in Ireland and undertaken a multitude of projects with sash windows – both for the O.P.W. (Office of Public Works in Ireland) and for private renovations and installs for businesses and modern residential builds

A rated and sustainable source

M and C Joinery windows are double glazed as standard but some architects will insist on single glaze for protected and listed Irish buildings which are often required to be refurbished and refitted with sash windows and we cater for any required specification.

All our bespoke sash windows are A rated by the BRFC standard and use Pilkington glass for double glazed and IMC Slimlite for single glaze.

The timber we use is Accoya which is a modern wood that is grown from sustainable sources in New Zealand and then treated in the Netherlands and is carbon neutral.

All photo’s by Fran McCormack

Extended Warranty

Each sash window frame is joinery painted with 4 coats and comes with a standard warranty of 5 to 10 years extended to 25 if properly maintained. We also supply to builders as well as installing sash windows ourselves.

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