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Stranger Things
Things of Beauty…

Another triumph for M & C Joinery – the master joiners.

From Stranger Things to Things of Beauty

I didn’t know what to think when I first saw it – I thought it may have been something for a children’s playground or a prop for a sci-fi show like Stranger Things. The beauty of the curves and the smell of the wood were enthralling.

I was intrigued when Paul McLoughlin of M & C Joinery explained what it was actually going to be so I decided that it was worth following the developments of the project from the its early stages until its final reveal.

M & C joinery have a flair for the unique and the unusual and regularly design and install the highest quality crafted timber products in homes and businesses all over Ireland. This unique piece didn’t have far to go.

From the first glimps of the project in the M & C Joinery workshop in Kildare it was fascinating to think that the planning of such things happens far in advance.

Preperation is everything but visualization is the key.

Once the frame had been fully assembled it was then moved to it’s final destination for installation. It was quite a feat of logistical planning to get to (and into) the location on one piece but that’s all part of the process with M & C Joinery – no detail is left unplanned or to chance.

When it comes to high end timber products there are none better than M & C Joinery – both for commercial residential fit outs.

Once secured the rest of the body of the beast was added and then finished to the highest standard – fitting that it would take pride of place as the new circular bar in Lawlor’s Hotel in Naas.

This magnificent piece is breathtaking beautiful bar island and is surrounded by plush furnishing and other unique designs, many that were also  created and fitted by M & C Joinery – the master joiners and building project experts.

Come see for yourself and enjoy a drink at the bar as you luxuriate in the decor and surroundings that exemplifies Lawlor’s of Naas and marvel at the craftmanship and ingenuity of M & C joinery.

Words and Photography by Fran McCormack of Franational