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It has really taken us by surprise - such has been the demand for our bespoke Covid-19 Screens and Sanitizer Stations that The Sunday Business Post chose to include us in a piece on business diversity during the Covid -19 Lock Down. The success of any business depends on it's ability to adapt in the face of adversity and with the onset of the Corona Virus lock down we needed to direct our skills to keeping ourselves and other businesses open.

The transition from making bespoke stairs, windows and doors to producing Covid-19 safety screens and hand sanitising stations was pretty swift as we knew that in order for any normality to remain during the Lock Down, it would be by keeping local and country-wide businesses open and safe in their dealings with the public.

A Protective Screen from M & C Joinery in Newbride Silverware In The Square Tallaght

Safety in the workplace and in what we produce is our first concern here in M & C Joinery and we just extended that ethos and applied it to other businesses. That synergy helped us and many others to survive. Through our new website, we were besieged with inquiries and that is how The Sunday Business Post found out about us.

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Businesses find opportunities in the thick of a crisis

From exercise equipment suppliers to joinery firms, many companies have adapted to survive and, in some cases, even thrive in the face of coronavirus

Róisín Burke Journalist @roisinmburke

The Sunday Business Post 14th June, 2020.

Kerrie Delaney of M&C Joinery in Kildare town, which switched from making bespoke windows and stairs to producing perspex screens, hand sanitising equipment and other Covid-19 safety supplies Picture: Barry Cronin

It was a similar situation for M&C Joinery in Kildare town. The three-decades-old firm is normally a maker of bespoke windows and stairs, but it swiftly started producing perspex screens and other Covid-19 safety equipment.

“We’ve been open during the whole lockdown. We’ve been providing screens and hand-sanitising stations for Kildare County Council’s libraries and offices, and screens for the Irish National Stud, cafés and takeaways, and healthcare operators,” said account manager Kerrie Delaney.

Centra and Newbridge Silverware have also put business their way, as have companies in Cork, Limerick and Kilkenny.

“We’ve been extremely busy, but we aren‘t taking on any new work in that line for the next few months because our normal work in stairs and windows is starting to come back,” Delaney said. “We had to adapt the business to suit the times.”

from Businesses find opportunities in the thick of a crisis

Róisín Burke Journalist @roisinmburke

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Protective Screens for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Photography by Fran McCormack

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