Opening up Schools - The safety and education of our children is a national priority.

In light of the recent Government directive of the new Covid 19 lock down in the three counties of Kildare, Laois and Offaly - as we pay the consequences for the actions of the careless few, who have placed us all in quarantine again for at least the next fortnight - we at M & C Joinery are now more committed than ever to help stop the spread of the Corona virus and enable schools and business to open, stay open and overcome the pressures and restrictions placed on them in the unprecedented times of Covid 19. Opening up schools and the safety and education of our children is a national priority.



Schools Screens and Sanitizer Stations -

We realize the importance of the reopening of schools at the end of August and how vital it is to the well being and economy of Ireland and to the future of our best and brightest - our children. While we know how hard it is to keep children and students apart, our services can allow for the best preparation for social distancing between teacher and pupil and student groups. We can provide screening and sanitizer stations to class rooms, staff rooms as well as areas of assembly. We retain a large stock easy clean perspex and sanitizers and installations are immediate.

Support Each Other we must …and will

At the onset of the first lock down M & C Joinery were instrumental in the redesign of ideas and methods needed to keep local businesses afloat. Not just our own bespoke joinery but the very many others who rely on human contact and interaction. Thinking outside the box has been what we have become well known for in regards to our bespoke designed timber products but perhaps less well known is our acceptance that we are all in this together - support each other we must …and will.



Enabling Schools & Businesses

We are dedicated to eradicating the Covid 19 virus by best practice in the workplace and by enabling other businesses and schools to best prepare and cope with the Pandemic.

Please contact us for more details on how we can best help prepare your school or business in the current lock down.

Stay safe and stay together - apart.

Wear a mask - not for your own sake but for others

For more information on our Protective Screens 045 521 192 or 087 258 8501!

Protective Screens for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Photography by Fran McCormack

M & c Joinery are FSC & PEFC certified