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Lighting ideas by M & C Joinery

Not only are M & C Joinery a bespoke joinery but we're pretty hot on new designs and concepts for living and work spaces.

We've never been known to hide behind the door (although our doors are something that we stand by) when it comes to bespoke joinery and timber products but we are less often known for our design concepts for modern living. Not only do we manufacture and fit high-end windows and doors, we also invest time in creating new and exciting designs for homes and businesses. We were asked to apply new ideas to an old problem of unflattering lighting in a revamped home. Standards of excellence should always be rising so let us introduce to you - LANDERS by M & C Joinery.


Our idea was to use soft bounced lighting rather than hard downward direct lighting as is so often the norm. We use parallel lines to create space and continuity and incorporate adjustable warm LED lighting with dimmer switches into each of the handmade struts. Matching the colour of the LANDERS to the soft furnishings also allows for stylish continuity. The end result allows for a bright and spacious feel without being harsh and glaring even on the sunniest of days while also never being stark and gloomy at night.

We can make and fit LANDERS for every home and business and the right idea is always there if you need us to find a solution to your build or renovation.

Stay safe and be good to each other.

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M & c Joinery are FSC & PEFC certified